A right-of-way permit is required when for any construction or repair work occurring within public right of way. The public right of way includes land and streets, curbs, sidewalks, alleys and other improvements dedicated to public use.

Please note the following for location of utilities:

  • Contact Krum Public Works Department by telephone at 940-398-7307 five days prior to doing work to locate City of Krum underground utilities.  (Krum is not currently part of Texas811.)
  • Contact Texas811 to locate franchise and other underground utilities.  Texas811 may contacted by telephone by dialing 811 or may be contacted online at:  https://www.texas811.org/ . 

Submittal Requirements: (See right-of-way permit application for details)

  • Right-Of-Way Permit Application
  • Construction plans or drawings
  • Certificate of liability insurance listing City of Krum as certificate holder
  • Fee: $50. If sidewalk work is part of a permit for new construction, addition/expansion, or remodel/alteration, no permit application or fee is required.
Submittal Method: Right-of-way permit application and payment should be submitted in person.