Accessory Dwelling

Construction of an accessory dwelling requires a residential building permit.  An accessory dwelling is defined as an attached or detached structure that is designed and used for residential purposes and is subordinate and incidental to the primary residence.

An accessory dwelling is allowed only in certain zoning districts. Please check with Development Services staff to determine whether or not an accessory dwelling unit is allowed on a particular property.

An accessory dwelling shall be located within the side or rear yard. If located in a side yard, an accessory dwelling shall not extend closer to the front property line than the front of the house. An accessory dwelling must be set back 6 feet from side and rear property lines. For corner lots, an accessory dwelling must be set back 15 feet from the side yard lot line adjacent to a street.

Submittal Requirements: (See residential building permit application for details)

Submittal Method: Residential building permit application and payment must be submitted in person by contractor.

Additional Information/Resources: