Public Works

The Public Works department is responsible for the water system, sewer system, and streets.

If you are having an after-hours water or sewer emergency, please call 940-300-6181.

For stormwater emergencies, please call the stormwater hotline:  940-300-6181.

Attention: Wastewater Customers

During the recent rain events, the City's wastewater system has been carrying far more water than in normal conditions. We need your help in trying to get this heavy flow down to its normal amounts. This high level of flow causes problems in our lift stations and at our treatment plant.

Where You Come In

The sewer lines that extend onto your property could be leaking allowing rainwater to enter the system. A broken clean-out cap or cracked line in a low area can carry hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons into the collection system. The water coming from one yard isn't problematic by itself but when you have thousands of customers it adds up to an overwhelming amount.

What to Do

Please look around your yard for broken sewer piping of clean-out caps. If you suspect a problem, the Public Works Department would be glad to assist you in further identifying the problem and potential solutions. If you identify a problem area, please call 940-482-3491, extension 2. If we are not there, please leave a message with your address and phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Public Works