New Construction

Construction of nonresidential commercial buildings, multifamily buildings or townhouse structures requires a permit.  A permit can be issued for a single building or for multiple buildings in a campus-type setting.  

New construction must comply with the minimum structure size, setbacks, materials and design requirements, landscaping, and other standards of the Zoning Ordinance and current building codes as of the date of the application. Prior to submitting an application for a new nonresidential commercial, multifamily, or townhouse structure, a site plan application must be submitted and approved. Please check with Development Services staff to determine applicable standards and requirements.

Submittal Requirements: (See nonresidential & multifamily building permit application for details)

Submittal Method:  Nonresidential & multifamily building permit applications must be submitted in person by the contractor or by a courier unless an alternative means of submittal (such as delivery by electronic means or the internet), has been pre-approved by the Development Services Director. A complete application suitable for review including all required plans, documents, and information along with payment of all applicable fees must be received for submitted permit applications to be processed.  Incomplete submittals may be rejected or permit requests may be denied as a result of a failure to provide required information or documents.  Receipt of applications delivered by means other than direct in-person delivery will not be established until successful download of all files and and payment of applicable fees.