Health Permits & Inspections

City of Krum health permits are required for all food establishments including restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, businesses that sell retail food products, mobile food units, child care facilities, and schools.  

Prior to issuance of a health permit, a food establishment must submit plans and undergo inspection of the food establishment to verify compliance with health code regulations.

Completed applications may be emailed to, delivered to the Krum City Hall located at 146 W. McCart St. in Krum, TX, or mailed to Development Services PO Box 217 Krum, TX 76249. Emailed applications should be forwarded in a .pdf format.  Please ensure all application materials are legible and allow up to three (3) weeks (15 business days) for processing of most applications.  Applications will be processed upon delivery of a completed application and the payment of applicable fees.  

Health Permit Application

Temporary Event Food Vendor Information

Health Inspections

Food establishments are inspected on a routine basis to ensure compliance with Texas Food Establishment Rules as developed by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Special Events 

A Special Event Permit is required in certain circumstances for things such as parades, demonstrations, marches, races, rally's, festivals, block parties, concerts, carnivals, competitions and similar gatherings. Permits are generally required when the event involves more than 250 persons OR when it involves things not otherwise allowed such as:  

a) closing streets,  b) blocking public property c) selling of merchandise, food, or beverages (not yard or garage sales) d) erecting tents e) installing a stage, bandshell, grandstand or similar facility f) temporarily non-permitted use of trailers, vans, semi-tractor trailers etc. g) use of equipment to amplify sound h) use of portable toilets i) temporary signs and banners j) use of public services such as police, fire, or parks personnel.   

For more information see Ord 2021-06-01 

Special Event Application Form